Escher had it His paintings, based on an illusion discovered by the mathematician Roger Penrose, blended the sublime illusion of spatial distortions with the touch of a master artist. Together, geometry and art combined to create a whole greater than their parts.
Leonardo had it Unsurpassed in his own time or since, DaVinci epitomized the synthesis of art of science. In everything he did, he sought to show not only the precise calculations of a mathematical genius, but also the vision and passion of a true artist.
Aesthesis has it We are a confederacy of like minded people dedicated to elevating the art of everything we do to the level of mastery demonstrated by these great men, and many more like them. It is our goal to innovate in everything we do. Pure art in every sense the word entails, our work does not just reflect the aesthetic requirements of its field—it redefines them!

Our members work on a wide variety of projects, testament to their renaissance perspective. Much of this work, by its nature, involves information that must remain confidential during its development. As some of these projects reach disclosure, this site will be updated to provide those results.  If you have any comments you would like to share about the site, or aesthesis in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.