Welcome to my personal page. Here I will provide (as time permits) a personal view of my life, activities, and interests.  While we wait for the proverbial striking of the muse, feel free to look at any of the following blogs, which present my spontaneous, informal perspective on their subject matters.

Charming the Beast Music, it is said (and NOT by Shakespeare) has charms to soothe the savage beast.

While I am quite the fan of music, and that is as likely a topic here as any other, the purpose of this forum is to discuss any particular piece of art that motivates the muse.

Be warned: one man's art is another man's trash. I am pretty open on what constitutes art, so if a game review shows up, so be it. Now, where is that muse...?

The Tangled Web When they first practice to deceive, it is my duty to reveal the truth.

This is my soapbox; my opportunity to expose what I consider the most egregious prevarications. Regardless of your perspective, I hope that I can generate a passionate response through my rebuttal. For or against, it doesn't matter; the only thing that matters is caring.

Gic Chic Technology is my life. Or, at least, my livelihood.

I like to think of myself as somewhat competent. I like to believe that what I think about technology matters. This forum provides the opportunity to voice my thoughts in a less formal way that just may, nonetheless, prove valuable to those in the know.

At least this way I can believe it so, regardless.

Photizon Enlightenment. It isn't just for religion anymore.

This is a collection of things that, for some reason or another, don't seem to belong anywhere else. As such, it is a rambling dissertation reflective of my schizophrenic perspective. Still, there might be something here to enjoy. If you find it, I thank you.